Photography is a love affair with life....

Home decor

By Kala x

I love shooting Kala's handcrafted products because they are colorful and bright! 

"I dont trust words, I trust pictures."



This was my first time shooting jewellery and I am super pleased that the creative maker, Majida loved the photos.

"Photography helps people to see."

Styled Photos


Naila Ahmad LONDON

I love taking photos, I want to show the what I see in a product. 

"When I have camera in my hand, I know no fear." 

I grew up watching my late father taking our photos, he used to enjoy it a lot. When I started my business, I realized I could stitch and sew very nicely but my photos were lacking something, after lots of trials and errors I think I finally got it1

Bliss by Safa

I love how colors play around, It can be tricky at times but I love it when I accomplish it and my clients love them.

"If your pictures arent good enough, you are not close enough."

I got accepted for a month long pop up shop on Lyetonstone because of my photographs! Th judge on the pannel, simply asked me, how took my photos, my answer was, I do1 I do it all by myself. It was defitinely a pat on the shoulder kind of a moment.


Noors  notes

I am super pleased how these cards came out. Get in touch if you would like your products photographed.

"You dont take a photograph, you make it." I love styling products, It cant be just a product placed in a clean white background, I love adding textures and materials to bring a product to life.

After seeing the great need for product sellers to have simple, bright, appealing lifestyle photos, I felt compelled to step out from behind MY lens to help YOU find pleasure in your creativity, so you can focus on your business and I will handle your product photography. So you can sell more and grow your brand.